You can't fix what you do not know.

What makes a person tick? Why is it they can perform at times, and in other scenarios, they fall behind? How do you ensure that team members not only play well with each other, but also leverage on each other’s strength to perform better as a team?

With cutting-edge psychological tools at our disposal, it’s like opening up the hood of a car and discovering that’s making the car works. Once you know how a person’s personality, motivational drivers, innate talents and strengths, it will be easier to put them in a position to succeed.

And that’s only for one individual tuned for optimal performance. Imagine the results you can achieve with a team of performers all working in the areas of their key strengths; with their values are aligned, natural talents are leveraged and personalities are complimenting each others’. That looks like the key components of a power-packed team.

If you can't measure it,
you can't improve it.

Peter Drucker


Have you ever wondered why some people just don’t get you? Or ever thought “I cannot even begin to know what my boss needs—even when I ask him/her, I still don’t know.”

Most of us have felt that way at one time or another! The good news is there’s a simple tool designed to help you understand yourself AND other people too. Everything DiSC® helps you build more effective working relationships based on an understanding of different behavioral styles.


motivational-mapsThe Motivational Maps® is a self perception inventory. Its diagnostic nature allows the discovery of what motivates a person, and more importantly, at what level is the person’s motivation at the time of the assessment.

Your team’s behaviours are driven by their belief systems, and their belief systems are determined by their internal values. Values Elicitation is a great tool for individual team members to better understand why they do what they do, and also to align their internal values to the organization’s values.

iwam-figuresThe Inventory for Work Attitude & Motivation (iWAM) is a ground-breaking instrument, rigorously tested through academic research and corporate settings and found to offer a high level of reliability and validity.

iWAM measures 48 Attitudinal and Motivational patterns in the context of work. It is an online questionnaire, which provides an objective way to measure an individual’s or team’s motivational patterns, evidenced in specific attitudes and behaviors in the workplace.

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